Injury Complications May Go Beyond Workers Compensation


Being injured on the job comes with a few protection systems, notably the workers compensation system. Workers compensation exists to help the injured worker reach recovery and return to work without as much of a financial burden due to missed days at work. Unfortunately, even if you seem healthy enough to return to work, there may be some lingering issues that reach far beyond the hospital stays. Consider a few life events and negotiation points to bring up with your employer and insurance before too much time passes.

Your Job Performance May Change

As you return to work, think about every action you perform. Is there pain when you move? Is it harder to reach for certain things, or are you more dazed or unable to focus on certain tasks? Your past injury may have a few lingering effects on your job performance.

It's reasonable to wait a few weeks or months for recovery. After all, an injury that was devastating enough to put you on workers compensation is no small matter. If pain and difficulty persists longer, you'll need to understand how your job and future may be affected.

Pain is a problem, but if you're unable to work at the same rate with the same ease as before the injury, you could be losing out on a lot of money. You may seem less attractive for promotion or you may lose your job due to performance after the injury problem was forgotten.

If you have to buy medication to keep up with your old pace, are you really earning a fair wage? Make sure that those responsible for the injury--whether it's your company, coworkers or vendors--are responsible for continued compensation.

Secure Your Career And Income Future

If your injuries affect job performance and income potential, you'll need to have a backup plan. Even if your employers are the nicest group of people in the world, there are circumstances that could justifiably put you out of a job with little to no recourse unless you act immediately.

As you assess your injuries, get multiple opinions on how long the injury effects could last. If you're not given much information, documenting the responses and continuing throughout the years can help you build a paper trail of a worsening injury.

When you have a long period of documented injury without compensation, you may need to look into a personal injury case as well. A workers compensation lawyer (from Franco Law Firm or another practice) can help you build a compelling argument around how much your should be compensated and for how long.

If your job prospects are affected, you should also negotiate for job training services to help you get into a new career that may be easier on your injuries. Contact a workers compensation lawyer to begin protecting your future.


23 February 2015

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