Accidents And Negotiating For A Fair Settlement Offer


If you have been in an accident, you are entitled to compensation if you have been injured through no fault of your own. You may be aware that the at-fault driver's insurance company will take care of your automobile damage and your medical expenses, but you may also be entitled to a monetary payment for your pain and suffering. There are steps you can take to both trigger an offer from the insurance company and ensure that you are fairly compensated.

Demand Letter

Sending a letter that details the facts about your claim and how much you want for your injuries is a key component of the negotiation process. Samples of demand letters are available online. Make sure that your letter is factual and respectful and include these important points:

  • Who is at fault and why.
  • The physical and emotional effects the accident has had on you and your family.
  • A list of medical treatments and procedures required because of your injury, and the costs.
  • A dollar amount in lost wages.
  • A summary of physical evidence you have, such as photographs, videos, medical records and police reports.
  • The total dollar amount that you are asking to settle the case before it goes to court. Be sure to leave room for negotiation by raising this amount slightly higher than you will actually accept.

Negotiation Tips

  1. This process usually takes place over the phone with an insurance adjuster for the insurance company, so be prepared for the phone call with your notes and paperwork in front of you.
  2. The first offer is usually very low, just to test how desperate you may be to settle. Don't allow that low initial offer to discourage you; this is a common negotiation technique.
  3. Counter any lower offers with a figure just a little higher, but slightly less than your demand letter figure. Be sure to keep your bottom-line amount in mind while negotiating.
  4. If the adjuster seems to be standing firm at a too-low figure, ask him for his reasoning. You may need to consider any mitigating issues, such as partial fault in the accident, and readjust your bottom-line.
  5. Do attempt to sway the adjuster with stories of how the accident has affected you and your family, such as a brief story about how your small child is no longer able to pay catch with his dad because of your injuries. The emotional impact your accident has had will also sway a judge and jury, and the adjuster may need to be reminded of this.

Negotiating with an insurance company while you are still trying to recover from an accident can be difficult, if not impossible. Contact a personal injury attorney like Bangel, Bangel, & Bangel as soon as possible in the process for assistance with every aspect of your claim, from the demand letter to professional and experienced negotiating skills.


23 September 2015

Learning How To Heal

After you have endured a traumatic, life-changing car accident, it can be hard to transition back into your everyday routine. As friends and family members chat about upcoming outlet mall sales or holiday plans, you might be secretly worried about how to pay your medical bills or forget about that wreck. Fortunately, dealing with your car accident case proactively by working with an attorney can really help. After I was involved in a car accident a few years back, my attorney stood by my side and helped me to argue for what was rightfully mine. I made this website to teach others what to do if they are involved in an accident.