Dealing With Maximum Medical Improvement And Workers' Comp


If you have been injured due to a workplace injury and are in the process of being compensated through worker's compensation, you may hear the term "maximum medical improvement" or MMI. You should understand that being deemed at a level of MMI doesn't mean that you are about to lose your medical treatment benefit from workers' comp. MMI is an important factor is in the continuation of your benefits, so read on to learn more about it and what might happen next in the process.

What Does Maximum Medical Improvement Mean?

The ruling of MMI normally comes after a formal medical exam ordered by the workers' comp insurance company to determine how much your injury is still affecting your ability (or inability) to do the same work that you did before your injury. This ruling means that your condition is not expected to get any better from that point in time, and may get even worse, regardless of further medical treatment.

For example, you lifted a heavy object while on the job and strained a muscle in your back. You complied with all prescribed treatments, but the pain has not gone away and you are now limited in your lifting ability. You will likely be deemed at MMI.

On the other hand, if you broke your wrist due to falling at work and had to have surgery to mend it, you may not be at MMI if you are still in pain because the scar tissue needs to be removed. Further treatment could alleviate your condition, and you may be able to return to your job once done.

What Does Maximum Medical Improvement Mean To My Workers' Comp Claim?

Once you are deemed at MMI, a dollar amount to compensate you for what is, in effect, a permanent injury, can be determined and negotiated. The workers' comp insurance company uses several factors to determine your compensation amount such as:

  • Your previous salary and education level.
  • The body parts affected and the percentage of disability.
  • Your age.

Settlement Negotiations

If you have not given proper consideration to hiring a worker's comp attorney (like J W Chalkley III PA ) up til now, you may want to enlist the help of a legal professional to help you with settlement negotiations. You may never be able to earn a living again because of your injury, so it' vital that you get an expert on your side to help you get the maximum amount available for your future needs.


9 December 2015

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