More Than A Bargain: Dealing With Bed Bug Infestation Caused By Rental Furniture


While the convenient payment options provided by furniture rental companies make them an ideal place to go when you need furniture without having to pay for it up front, these businesses have a constant cycle of used furniture funneling through their facility thanks to returns and customers who only use the pieces for a short time.  

Unfortunately, if you shop for furniture at a rental store, you could be exposing yourself to the danger of bringing uninvited bed bugs home with you. There have been recent reports in the news that some furniture rental stores are silently battling a huge issue with bed bugs. If you have found yourself with way more than you bargained for after renting furniture, it is likely that you have a few questions.  

What should you do if you discover your rented furniture is infested with bed bugs?

If you discover bed bugs either on rental furniture or in your home after you have rented furniture, your first priority should be to let the rental company know. In some cases, the rental company will work hard to make the situation right by providing you with pest control services and replacing your rented furniture with new pieces or offering you a full refund. If the furniture rental company denies any wrongdoing or does not show interest in rectifying the situation, contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your situation. 

What benefits could you obtain if you do pursue a lawsuit?

If you can prove that a bed bug problem did indeed come from rented furniture, you may be entitled to compensation. There have been numerous cases in recent years where customers have had to file a suit against a rental company and have managed a successful outcome in their case with the aid of an attorney. If a furniture rental company is unwilling to take responsibility for infesting your home with bed bugs, you may be entitled to compensation for several reasons. You could receive:

  • replacement furniture
  • compensation for medical bills associated with bites
  • compensation for hiring a est control company for help
  • money for pain and suffering due to the problem

When you rent furniture from a professional business, the last thing you would expect as a paying customer is to end up with a bed bug problem in your home. If you have rented furniture and brought home bed bugs along with it, be sure you talk to a personal injury attorney for advice. 


10 February 2016

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