Three Steps To Properly Defend Your Pet In An Attack Lawsuit


Dogs have been a man's best friend since the beginning of time. They are loving and loyal companions, so it's difficult when a dog attack lawsuit is brought against you. The worst thing about a dog biting lawsuit is that it could lead to your furry pet being deemed a vicious animal and would result in it being put down. Though it is difficult to defend your pet effectively against an attack lawsuit, it is not impossible. Below is a list of steps that must be taken in order to better defend your pet against an attack case and avoid your loyal companion being declared a danger to the community.

Prove Your Dog Was Provoked

One of the most important steps to take when defending your dog in an attack lawsuit is to prove that the person who filed the claimed provoked it. If the complaining party hit or teased your dog until it bit him, you will have an easier time winning the case. Even if the provocation was not on purpose; if the complaining party unintentionally hugged the dog too tight or played with it a little too rough, the courts could still rule that the dog was provoked, even though it wasn't the intention of the complaining party.

Evaluate Your Dog

The best way to prove that your dog is loving and would not attack unless provoked is to have its behavior evaluated. It may be pricy, but it is important to hire a professional for the evaluation. This professional will go to your home and observe the dog in several ways. They will play with your pet and see how its behavior is around new people and new situations. If your dog displays aggressive behaviors during the evaluation, you may be hard pressed to prove that the attack was out of character.

Provide Character Witnesses

When providing the courts with character witnesses to your dog's usual behaviors, you need to seek people who aren't family. It is fine if one or two of your witnesses are related, however, neighbors or other people who come over on a daily basis may prove to be more credible. In most cases, neighbors prove to have less emotional attachment to the case. Ask your neighbors to write statements regarding your dog's normal behavior. Have them provide their history with your animal and their observations of how your dog usually acts with strangers or visitors.

Dogs are part of the family and are treated just as well as anyone else in the home. It's hard when a lawsuit is brought against you for a dog attack. Though it is hard to defend a pet against, it is not impossible. By following the steps provided above, you will have a better chance of winning the suit against you. Contact a dog bite attorney for more information.   


16 March 2016

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