Class Action Lawsuits And You


Nearly everyone has heard the term "class action lawsuit", but few understand why such lawsuits are brought and how it may benefit the claimants, or the people who make up the "class". If you have ever purchased a product or service, or worked in an industry, you could be a member of the class referred to in the title. Reading the notices informing you about these lawsuits can be daunting and confusing, with lots of legalese to sort through. If you have ever wanted more information about class action lawsuits, read on.

What are class action suits?

These types of legal actions aim to group similar claims for the same product, service or practice under a single case number, which can result in both time and money savings for both parties. Each member of the class has the choice to opt out of being regarded a member of the class, and may file suit on their own or abandon the litigation. Once you do agree to become a member of the class, you agree to accept any ruling or awards and give up your right to sue as a single member.

What are the benefits of a class action lawsuit?

The power of numbers.

Large companies employ large legal teams to fight individual claims, but a class action suit helps even the odds by harnessing the complaints of many people in the class and can be fought by plaintiff's attorneys who are well-versed in the particular, unique field of class action lawsuits.

Making a change.

Bad products may continue to be foisted upon helpless and unwary consumers without the changes that a class action suit can spur. Not only do class action suits create negative publicity for a given company, but the resulting case and outcome could force the company to make real changes in their practices to keep future consumers financially whole and safe from defective products. For example, car maker Toyota was forced to pay $1.1 billion dollars to affected owners and to offer free safety upgrades to any affected Toyota owners for an accelerator pedal malfunction issue.

If you think you may have been harmed, either physically or financially, by a bad product or service, contact a personal injury attorney right away. You may only have a limited amount of time to file suit due to the statute of limitations, so don't delay in seeking help from legal professional. 


29 March 2016

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