3 Mistakes To Avoid When Filing Claim After A Dog Bite


When you're a victim of a vicious dog attack, you can file a personal injury claim to recover damages for your injuries. Unfortunately, there are many pitfalls that can lead to your case falling apart or result in compensation that isn't sufficient to cover the cost of your medical expenses and other losses. Read on to learn what not to do when preparing to file a dog-bite claim so as to improve your chances of getting full compensation.

Not documenting your injuries

Failure to take photographs of your injuries at the scene of the attack can make it difficult to prove the severity of the attack in court. Photos give evidence of the graphic injuries you suffered even after the wounds have healed. The photos can also be used by your lawyer to demonstrate severity of the injury and the pain you must have gone through during the attack, which can strengthen your case and ensure you get a full and fair settlement.

Similarly, you should ensure that you report the incident to the police and animal control as soon as possible so an official investigation can be launched. The authorities can quarantine the dog for rabies observation and work with a trained professional to demonstrate the dog's aggressive tendencies. An early investigation can also reveal if the dog had a leash and if the area was properly fenced, evidence that can be crucial to establishing liability on the part of the dog's owner.

Not seeking medical care right away

A visit to the emergency room right after the attack is crucial to a successful dog bite claim, as it helps document the severity of your injury. Seeking immediate medical attention will also allow a medical practitioner to create a record of the bite and other associated symptoms, such as shock, which can be used in court to strengthen your claim.

From a medical point of view, seeking immediate care can allow a doctor to close up any wounds and reduce the amount of bleeding and scarring you experience after the attack.

Settling your claim without legal help

It is essential that you work with a personal injury attorney, like Clearfield & Kofsky, to better your chances of getting a fair settlement for your case. A lawyer can give you sound legal advice such as what amount to demand from the defendant's insurer and how to beat legal hurdles such as statute of limitations.

The lawyer can also ensure that you don't succumb to pressure from the defendant's insurer to settle before the full magnitude of your injuries or scarring has developed.


8 April 2016

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