Can A Car Accident Lawyer Help If You Were The Victim In A Road Rage Incident?


If someone begins tailgating you, tries to cut you off, honks their horn wildly or makes gestures to that show they are upset, you may be seeing the signs of road rage. What should you do if another driver's actions due to their anger -- justified or not -- threatens to cause an accident?

Preventing Road Rage Accidents

The first step to handling a accident involving an aggressive driver is not to get in one. Avoid an angry driver by getting into another lane, exiting the freeway or turning down a side street, or slowing way down. Act like you are oblivious to the other driver's aggressive behavior; don't make eye contact or any gestures. 

If you cannot get away and aggressive behavior like tailgating or following you continues, call 911 for help.

Drive Legally

Don't take any steps to either get away from or engage the aggressive driver, such as speeding or slamming on your brakes. You should be careful to go the speed limit, avoid weaving in and out of traffic or taking other measures to get away, so that you don't cause an accident yourself. 

If you are driving legally and involved in an accident, your car accident lawyer should be able to reconstruct events, call on witnesses, and otherwise prove that you were obeying the law and not to blame.

Collect Details on the Aggressive Driver

Any time you spot an aggressive or reckless driver, try to get a description of the driver, the passengers and the vehicle. Don't let your attempts to better see the offending car impact your ability to drive safely, however. If you have a passenger, enlist them to get a description and write down the license plate number.

Prevent the Situation from Escalating

If an accident was caused because another driver was acting careless out of anger, do not engage with that person. Statistics show that 37 percent of aggressive driving incidents involve a firearm, so you don't want to do anything that might further upset the other driver. Here are some ways to get help and stay safe:

  • Call 911 immediately and keep your cell phone up to your ear even after the call has ended so you appear to be engaged with law enforcement. The exception is to use your phone to take pictures and/or record the other driver to have a record of their actions.
  • Unless your vehicle is not safe to stay inside, lock your doors and don't exit. Draw attention to yourself by flashing your lights and honking. If your car is safe to drive, and you truly feel that you are in danger, drive away to a safe location after contacting law enforcement.

What to Do After a Road Rage Accident

Make sure you speak with police and let them know about the behaviors that led up to the accident, so it can be recorded in the official accident report.

If you have photos or video of the other driver's behavior before, during or after the accident, keep a copy and provide them to law enforcement officials and your attorney.

If you have any injuries, even minor ones, have them evaluated as soon as possible by a medical professional. Your medical records may become part of a case against the aggressive driver.

Talk to a car accident lawyer as soon as you speak with police and get any medical issues checked out. Your attorney can help you make sure you are not held at fault and that you can collect damages, if applicable, from the other driver. Without an attorney, you may be found partially at fault or the other driver may not be held responsible for their aggressive actions. For more information, visit websites like


17 June 2016

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