Challenges You Might Face If You'Re Negotiating For A Payment With Insurance Agents Without An Attorney


The law does not require you to have an attorney when negotiating payment with an insurance provider after filing an injury claim. However, settlement negotiations sometimes turn difficult. Additionally, some insurance providers take advantage of complainants' inexpertise in law to offer lower payments or deny their claims. This is why legal services are indispensable when negotiating and pursuing compensation from the wrongdoer's insurer. A lawyer can navigate the various aspects of the process, including the following challenges you might face during negotiations:

Attempts to Minimize Your Claim

There is a possibility that the offender's insurer may attempt to minimize your claim if they realize that you don't have legal representation. They can make reductions by finding and exploiting weaknesses in your claim. For instance, they may quote your statements out of context to make it seem like you admitted to making a mistake that caused your injury. They might also continually request more paperwork and create obstacles to derail negotiations, hoping you will agree to settle for less out of frustration or impatience.

Additionally, the insurance provider might try to convince you to accept a low offer if you have accumulated huge bills, e.g., in medical expenses. In any case, it is advisable to have an attorney representing and counseling you. They are better positioned to unearth any tricks the insurance provider may use to lower your payment. Moreover, they will fight rigorously during negotiations to help ensure that you get a payment covering your damages.

Disputes of Some of Your Damages

Your settlement should ideally cover all your losses, including mental anguish, agony, and other non-monetary damages. Nonetheless, the insurance provider may dispute these in order to avoid paying you a high amount. If this happens, hire a lawyer to help you pursue these payments. They will examine how your injuries have affected various aspects of your life.

This review will include ways in which the harm suffered has affected your capacity to work and how it has caused difficulties in your daily life. Furthermore, your lawyer will consider how your injuries affect your career prospects when calculating your payment. This evaluation will enable them to determine the true value of your claim. They will then use their findings to negotiate a payment covering the full impact that the injuries have caused in your life.

As the information above shows, you might not get your rightful payment if you don't know how to navigate the various issues that may arise during negotiations with insurers. This is why you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer to assist you and enable you to get all the payments you deserve. Contact a local attorney or click here for more information.


27 January 2023

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