Do You Need Help With Your Truck Accident Case?


In a car accident case, it should be fairly easy to determine who is at fault. Failure to yield, failure to signal, reckless endangerment, failure to secure a load—these are all fairly straightforward faults to prove. On the other hand, in a truck accident case, you have much more to consider besides just these traffic violations. In the case of any semi driving down the road, there are multiple entities involved in the packing and maintenance of the truck, and each of these can play a part in an accident.

28 July 2015

Can You Get Workers' Comp For Your Particular Injury?


When it comes to workers' compensation benefits, some injuries are not covered by your employer's insurance. Most injuries that are suffered in the workplace are covered, but there are some notable exceptions. If you are preparing to file a claim for benefits, it is important you know whether or not the insurance company will pay for your injuries.  Are Injuries Outside of the Workplace Covered? A common misconception about workers' compensation benefits is that your injuries must occur within the workplace to be covered.

22 June 2015

Differentiating Hispanic Countries Of Origin When Working As A Hispanic Attorney


Just as all Asian peoples are not the same and do not speak the same language, the same is true of all Hispanics. In fact, the word "Hispanic" is a very broad term applied to anyone that speaks Spanish and/or originates from a Spanish-speaking nation. However, there are dozens of subtle differences that separate a person of Chilean descent and a person of Cuban or Puerto Rican descent. As a Hispanic attorney, to generalize or refer to your "

15 June 2015

Slip & Fall Cases: Why It's Important To Focus On More Than The Defect


If you are currently pursing a slip and fall case, it is important that your attorney builds a thorough case. If you really want to win, you need to make sure that your attorney focuses on the defect, the static distractions and the dynamic distractions present at the time that you slip and fell. Defect The first part of your case will focus on the defect. The defect is basically what caused your injury.

29 April 2015

Can You Sue A Hospital For Medical Malpractice?


When you are a victim of negligence or other forms of medical malpractice at a hospital, you will most likely sue the doctor or hospital staff that is responsible. However, this doesn't mean the hospital themselves should not be sued. There are many instances when the malpractice suit directly or indirectly involves the hospital, therefore they should be involved in your lawsuit. Here is more information about when you should sue the hospital.

9 April 2015

Can You Sue Parents Who Don't Have Their Children Vaccinated?


If a person is injured because of a property owner's negligence, they can sue for financial compensation. Along somewhat similar lines, you may wonder whether you can sue parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated against once-common childhood diseases. Those parents are setting up a potentially unsafe situation and putting the youngest members of society at risk. Vaccination Age Considerations With the outbreak of measles in the United States in 2014 and 2015, parents of children too young to be vaccinated are understandably worried.

30 March 2015

Injured In A Supermarket? Make Sure You Collect Sufficient Evidence


If you become injured in a supermarket as a direct result of the supermarket's failure to maintain their premises in a way that prevents foreseeable harm to customers, then you can file -- and probably win -- a personal injury case against the supermarket. The hard part, however, is collecting evidence to prove that the supermarket did act negligently. Many supermarket patrons fail to collect enough evidence, and as a result, lose their personal injury cases because they're unable to prove that the supermarket is at fault for their injuries.

18 March 2015

Three Common Issues That Courts Consider When Tackling Grandparent Visitation Rights


Child custody and visitation issues do not just concern the parents and their children, even other relatives, notably grandparents, have a stake in children's well-being. However, as a grandparent who wishes to have custody or visitation rights for your grandchildren, you should know that the issue isn't handled uniformly across all states. That being said, there are some common themes that the courts will consider such as: Marital Status of the Parents

16 March 2015

Three Types Of Nonmedical Documents You Need For Your Medical Malpractice Case


Many people know the significance of medical records in personal injury cases. The defendant will want to see your health history as well as treatment records to know the extent of your injury and cost of your treatment. However, these are not the only records you need to keep if you are pursuing a personal injury claim. Other documents you should gather and preserve include: Insurance Information This includes copies of your health or disability insurance coverage.

27 February 2015

Injury Complications May Go Beyond Workers Compensation


Being injured on the job comes with a few protection systems, notably the workers compensation system. Workers compensation exists to help the injured worker reach recovery and return to work without as much of a financial burden due to missed days at work. Unfortunately, even if you seem healthy enough to return to work, there may be some lingering issues that reach far beyond the hospital stays. Consider a few life events and negotiation points to bring up with your employer and insurance before too much time passes.

23 February 2015