Accused Of Faking A Work Injury? Here Is What To Do


Some hurt workers encounter a lot of resistance when they try to file a claim for a work injury. However, those with a legitimate work injury are entitled to several forms of benefits including paid time off, free medical care, and more. Read below and be guided so that you can be paid the benefits you deserve.  Faking it or not? If the workers' compensation insurer alleges that an employee's injury is faked or embellished, they may face challenges in receiving benefits.

1 May 2023

Who Should You Hold Liable If You Fall On The Sidewalk?


Some slip-and-fall accident claims are easy to pursue, especially when they happen inside someone's premises. However, others happen in spaces whose ownership and management are a little ambiguous. For example, it might be hard to tell who to sue if you experience an incident on a city sidewalk and sustain an injury. Here are some guidelines to help you determine the party you can hold liable for such a claim.

27 January 2023

Challenges You Might Face If You'Re Negotiating For A Payment With Insurance Agents Without An Attorney


The law does not require you to have an attorney when negotiating payment with an insurance provider after filing an injury claim. However, settlement negotiations sometimes turn difficult. Additionally, some insurance providers take advantage of complainants' inexpertise in law to offer lower payments or deny their claims. This is why legal services are indispensable when negotiating and pursuing compensation from the wrongdoer's insurer. A lawyer can navigate the various aspects of the process, including the following challenges you might face during negotiations:

27 January 2023

3 Reasons To Seek Legal Help From Auto Accident Attorneys If You're Involved In A Blind Spot Crash


When a driver can't see an oncoming vehicle in their rearview or side mirror, they may be involved in a blind spot crash. These crashes are common at intersections, when making lane changes, or during parking lot maneuvers. If you're a victim of a blind spot crash, you may be eligible for compensation, especially if someone else was at fault. However, you should work with auto accident attorneys if you want to receive the maximum amount of compensation.

9 December 2022

How Can You Have Your Future Financial Losses Covered After A Collision? Find Out


One of the biggest concerns for victims of disastrous crashes is how to handle medical bills and support their families. The situation is particularly serious if the injuries suffered force you to stop working so you can concentrate on treatment. Fortunately, the law provides compensation to cover previous and future lost earnings and medical expenses.  This enables victims to get quality care and continue supporting their families until they are ready to return to work.

17 October 2022

Legal Help When Pursuing Payments for Vehicle Crash Spinal Cord Injuries


Most modern vehicles come with advanced safety features that help to reduce the severity of injuries in collisions. However, some motorists and passengers still suffer serious spinal cord injuries when their vehicles collide. These injuries are usually expensive to treat and cause significant losses that you might not manage without financial assistance. A personal injury lawyer can protect your rights and ensure you get the payments you deserve. They Will Get Experts to Examine Your Injuries

24 August 2022

Should You Engage A Car Accident Lawyer In The Event Of A Minor Accident?


A lot of individuals choose to handle their own vehicle accident claims, but this isn't always a good option. One of the most important things you can do for your legal future is to hire a car accident lawyer. After a small accident, it is beneficial to hire a car accident lawyer. You Are Aware of Your Legal Rights and Alternatives After a car accident, knowing your legal options is essential.

14 June 2022

Essential Information To Guide You In Your Medical Malpractice Claim


You must meet all the laws that regulate medical malpractice claims to receive compensation. For example, you must prove that the healthcare provider's negligence resulted in your injuries. Besides that, you'll need to show that the injuries have caused you pain and suffering. Having sufficient information about the process enables you to avoid pitfalls that could make the wrongdoer escape judgment.  As such, it's paramount to work with a personal injury lawyer since they understand the technicalities of such lawsuits better.

13 April 2022

Auto Accident Claims: 4 Ways You Can Expedite Your Truck Accident Claim


Truck accidents result from varied factors. The most prevalent cause is carelessly-driven vehicles. For instance, driving in the no-zone is unacceptable and extremely dangerous. It is also prohibited to change lanes with a commercial truck as this can cause your vehicle to jackknife or roll over.  If you get involved in a truck accident, you need to report the matter to the police and initiate the claim process right away. Keep reading to learn more about this process.

22 February 2022

Hiring a Work Site Accident Attorney? Essential FAQs You Need to Know


As you go to your workplace, you expect the environment to be safe to allow you to complete your duties without glitches. However, this is not always the case because it's not uncommon to find accidents occurring on job sites. Unfortunately, some of them can be severe and cause the victim to miss work or suffer life-threatening injuries. These work-related accidents may happen due to recklessness, carelessness, insufficient maintenance, poor supervision, inadequate equipment, and unsafe conditions.

8 December 2021